What is the Strategic Plan?

    Council's Strategic Pan identifies the shared vision, mission, and strategic areas of focus to guide the work of Council, Administration, and the City’s agencies, boards and commissions over the Council term. The strategic areas of focus reflect the priorities Londoners identify during the election. The strategic plan is deliberately connected with the Multi-Year Budget and the Technology Investment Strategy.

    What is the goal of the Strategic Plan?

    A Strategic Plan that builds on the current strategic plan, using the same structure (Vision, Mission, Values; four layers of increasing specificity toward specific actions to be taken, metrics to track performance), with the goal of keeping what works and improving where possible.

    How is the Strategic Plan developed?

    Council's Strategic Plan reflects the shared priorities of all Londoners, along with  recommendations and expertise of Civic Administration.

    How long is the Strategic Plan valid for?

    The Strategic Plan is a four year document and coincides with the term of the current Council.