Are we the first city to create a People Plan?

    Many municipalities - of all sizes - have People Plans. Many of the plans are very similar in their approach but based on their municipality's needs, the areas of focus may be very different. 

    How will the People Plan affect my current job or department?

    The People Plan isn't something that would necessarily change our organizational structure or your specific job. However; the tactics and initiatives that would be developed because of the Plan would focus on improving the employee experience and making it easier for us to provide great service to our community.

    How does the People Plan affect me or my work environment?

    The areas of focus and actions identified in the People Plan will affect employees differently, depending on the project or initiative, the type of work you do and how much longer you plan to work for the City. It is important to recognize that some actions may take several years to work through and do right.  

    For example, a People Plan project focused on technology may bring new tools to help do your job more effectively. Perhaps a People Plan project focused on career opportunities will help a newer or younger employee map out a future with the City.

    What is the ultimate goal of our People Plan?

    The City of London’s People Plan is our commitment to the future - the future of our organization and our employees. This multi-year plan will help create the tools, programs and the infrastructure needed to create a respectful, inclusive and collaborative organization, attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce and continue to deliver valued services to our community.

    What are the areas of focus in our People Plan?

    A well-workplace:  We aspire to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel safe, respected, motivated and supported to do their best.

    A connecting, communication and collaborating workforce: We aspire to have a culture of collaboration, where employees actively work together to provide exceptional and valued services to Londoners.

    A learning and leading organization: We aspire to be a workplace that values and supports continuous learning where every employee has the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to help foster a high-performing organization.

    A strong workforce and operational excellence: We aspire to have enterprise-wide systems, tools and processes in place that allow the City of London to be an innovative and nimble organization that can meet both the current and future needs of our organization and the community we serve.

    What is a People Plan?


    The People Plan is a strategic plan that identifies the vision, areas of focus, and action items that will be delivered over the next several years. This Plan will help create the tools, programs and infrastructure needed to create a respectful, inclusive and collaborative organization. It will help us to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce and continue to deliver valued services to our community.

    Why do we need a People Plan?

    With many employees retiring, we need to attract lots of new employees to our organization. Over the next several years, we’ll see our workforce become a greater mix of people. This will include five generational groups, with the highest number of employees being millennials and Gen Z. We’ll also see more variety with things like ethnicity, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. To attract, keep and motivate these employees, many of our people practices and policies need to be updated and we’ll need to focus on providing a safe and respectful workplace for all.

    How was the People Plan Developed?

    Because the People Plan impacts all employees across our organization, a Steering Committee of representatives from each Service Area has led its development. The Committee was supported by an outside consulting firm to consider information about our employees, external workforce trends and to conduct employee focus groups and surveys. The process was also supported by enthusiastic employees from across the organization called People Plan Ambassadors.