What is the study process?

    This study will be carried out in accordance with ‘Schedule C’ requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA), (as amended 2015), which is an approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.  

    The study will also include a scoped Environmental Impact Study (EIS) in accordance with The London Plan Environmental Policies and the City of London Environmental Management Guidelines (2021).

    When will the improvements recommended from this Class EA be constructed?

    Based on current capital planning, the City of London anticipates construction in two phases:

    • Westdel Bourne to Commissioners Road in 2025
    • Commissioners Road to Sanatorium Road in 2031  

    Capital planning priorities continue to be reviewed and updated on an annual basis and are subject to approval from Council. 

    Will roundabouts be considered on Oxford Road West?

    The Project Team will be reviewing the potential implementation of roundabouts at intersections within the study area.  Information about this review will be part of future Public Information Centre Packages.

    How does this study relate to the recent Environmental Assessment study for the intersection of Oxford Street West and Gideon Drive?

    The westerly limits of the study area will coordinate with the easterly limits of the recently completed Oxford Street West and Gideon Drive Intersection EA. This will ensure continuity of the future improvements along the Oxford Street West corridor from Gideon Drive to Sanatorium Road.