What is an Official Plan Review?

    Section 26 of the Planning Act requires that every municipality with an official plan must make periodic reviews and updates to the plan.   

    This Official Plan Review seeks to answer two main questions:

    1. Is there policy conformity and consistency between The London Plan and Provincial legislation and policies?
    2. Is there sufficient land available in the existing urban area to accommodate projected future growth of the city?

    Provincial Policy Conformity Review

    The policy conformity review that is required under s. 26 of the Planning Act is to ensure that The London Plan: 

    • Conforms with provincial plans or does not conflict with them, as the case may be;
    • Has regard to matters of Provincial Interest (as defined in section 2 of the Planning Act); and
    • Is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). 

    Through the conformity review, staff may determine that additional policy matters may need to be reviewed and amended. If the matters to be considered through the conformity review change as a result of new provincial policies, a special public meeting will be held before Council to scope the Official Plan Review relative to the Terms of Reference presented to Council in April 2023.

    What is a Land Needs Assessment?

    A Land Needs Assessment is part of the Official Plan Review.  The Land Needs Assessment evaluates:

    • the existing supply of vacant urban land.
    • the potential for intensification within the existing built-up area of the city.
    • and compares that supply with the projected growth in population, employment, and housing over the next 25 years.

    Note: A 2021-2051 Growth Projections study, prepared by Watson and Associates, was approved by City Council in December 2022.

    The Land Needs Assessment evaluates need for all categories of land use, including:

    • residential
    • industrial
    • commercial
    • institutional

    The result of the Land Needs Assessment may be a review of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The need for a UGB review will be based on the findings of the Land Needs Assessment.

    Note: The UGB delineates lands planned for urban uses from lands planned for agriculture or other rural uses. 

    The UGB is shown on Map 1 – Place Types of The London Plan.

    Why is the Land Needs Assessment important?

    • It helps determine the opportunity for redevelopment, infill and intensification.
    • It supports the Provincial Housing Target of creating 47,000 new units and supports other housing supply initiatives.
    • It aligns infrastructure and engineering requirements with expected growth.
    • It supports the City’s monitoring of development and planning application data.