What is The London Plan?

    The London Plan is the official plan for our city. It's the policy framework for all planning and development in London.

    What is a place type?

    The London Plan designates all lands under various place types. Place types regulate the permitted uses, allowed intensity, and form requirements. Although place types are illustrated with defined boundaries, the City considers transitional factors.


    What is zoning?

    The Zoning By-law No.Z.-1 regulates zoning for our city and must adhere to The London Plan. Zones follow place types but with strict delineation and more precise policies.

    Zoning is a planning tool that helps to implement an official plan's policies by managing the permitted use, intensity and form of development. 

    Use - the kinds of activities or types of businesses that can operate at a site or building. A use could be something like residential, office, or commercial. 

    Form - the physical design of a site or building. Form could include rules on things like location of parking, setbacks, site layout or massing for buildings.

    Intensity - the level of activity of density for a building or site. This could be measured in a variety of ways, such as floor plate area, building height, dwelling units per hectare, parking spaces, or number of bedrooms.

    What is the rapid transit system?

    What is rapid transit? 

    Rapid transit is a high-capacity public transportation system that operates on an exclusive right-of-way – such as bus-only lanes – connecting more people to more places, using frequent and more reliable service. 

    Rapid transit in London

    London’s rapid transit system has been designed to help ease traffic flow along major corridors while adding streetscape elements and enhanced stations. Three rapid transit projects are currently underway in London 

    London’s rapid transit projects:

    As the City builds these projects, new streetscape elements and urban design improvements will be installed, while also repairing and replacing aging underground infrastructure. 

    What is the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF)?

    On March 17, 2023, the Federal Government launched the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) – a $4 billion initiative announced in the 2022 Budget. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) administers the HAF to incentivize and support housing initiatives. The HAF program seeks to drive systemic change and create the conditions necessary to increase housing supply over the short and longer term. Some will result in immediate increases in housing supply while others will support improvements to the broader housing system and may take more time for their full potential to be realized.