What can be done immediately?

There are actions that London residents, businesses, and employers can do to take climate action immediately while the Climate Emergency Action Plan is created.

Measure your carbon footprint with Project Neutral

The first step you can take is to measure your household's carbon footprint. More than 1,000 London households have already used Project Neutral’s carbon calculator to create a personalized action plan, and start making a positive impact. Discover your carbon footprint in five minutes and better understand your climate impact.

Actions you can take

The following “Top Five Actions” for residents and businesses were identified through the Community Energy Action Plan engagement process. These represent actions that can be and/or are being implemented now and will be supported by City-led actions within the new Climate Emergency Action Plan.

London Residents

  1. Drive less (or not at all) – make more trips by walking, cycling, transit, carpooling
  2. Reduce transportation impacts by switching to an electric vehicle, a hybrid vehicle, or a very fuel efficient one.
  3. Make your home more energy efficient and severe weather resilient– and work towards net-zero energy use and reduced stormwater runoff.
  4. Reduce food waste, especially for high-impact foods such as red meat and dairy.
  5. Go local – for food, for products, for vacations.

Learn more with CityGreen

These are just some of the many changes London can make to take climate action. Visit www.london.ca/citygreen for more ideas on how to take climate action.

London Businesses and Employers

  1. Invest in energy efficiency and low-impact development measures for buildings and processes.
  2. Apply green procurement strategies to the supply chain.
  3. Invest in green fleet measures.
  4. Reduce business travel, especially by air, through webinars and video conferences. If business travel is required, consider carbon offsetting.
  5. Reduce employee commuting – promote cycling, transit, carpooling, and working from home.

Learn more about how businesses can take climate action

Enbridge and the Independent Electricity System Operator offer incentives for energy efficiency & conservation projects. Natural Resources Canada also offers incentives for energy management projects.

In addition, businesses and institutions can join Green Economy London to help take the first step, engage with London Environmental Network for educational events, and explore commuting programs with Commute Ontario.

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