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Northwest London

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Media Release

Neighbourhood Decision Making Ideas Announced

The results are in! Residents from every neighbourhood of the city have participated in London’s first city-wide Neighbourhood Decision Making (NDM) program. More than 4,900 Londoners helped decide what neighbourhood enhancement projects will be funded by voting online (3,700) or at their local library branch (1,200) on Saturday, November 18.

“This is a great way for the City of London to connect with neighbourhoods and learn about individual needs,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “We’ve had a great response and I’m looking forward to this continued collaboration as we build the city we want for our children and grandchildren.”

A total of $250,000 was available with the city divided into five geographic areas each area receiving $50,000 for projects to help make London’s many great neighbourhoods even better.

Winning Projects



Northwest London

Ninja Warrior Course in Medway



Northeast London

Outdoor Ice Rink in Forest Hill Park

Stoney Creek


Cedar Hollow Park Improvements

Cedar Hollow


Stoney Creek Nature Trails

Stoney Creek


Central London

Clay Mosaics along Dundas St. in Old East Village

Old East Village


Planting Fruit Trees near Community Gardens



Outdoor Piano in Market Lane



Community Garden and Gathering Space at St. Andrew’s United Church



Southwest London

Outdoor Education Centre at Byron Northview Public School



Outdoor Ice Pad in Jorgenson Park



Save the Bee Pollinator Garden Byron



South London Canada Day

White Oaks


Southeast London

Natural Landscape Playground – Kiwanis Park



Community Movie Theatre

Glen Cairn


Residents were invited to submit ideas for their neighbourhoods from September to October 27. Over 300 ideas were submitted with 148 making it onto the ballot after feasibility review by City staff. All 14 projects will be implemented over the next year.

“We were so happy to see that over 4,900 Londoners turned out to vote,” said Lynne Livingstone, Managing Director of Neighbourhood, Children and Fire Services. “A special thank you to all residents who took the time to submit creative ideas to make their neighbourhoods great.”

Neighbourhood Decision making is a key component in creating vibrant, connected and engaged neighbourhoods as outlined in Council’s strategic plan.

How it Works

City Council has committed $250,000 annually to support a Neighbourhood Decision Making Program across the city. This program will allow you to propose ideas to enhance your neighbourhood, with you deciding on which ideas will go forward!

How does Neighbourhood Decision Making work?

Step 1: Residents are encouraged to identify a neighbourhood building project(s) that enhances and strengthens their neighbourhood. Funds may be used on a variety of different projects which could include: planting public gardens, restoring environmental resources, creating public art, piloting a community program, hosting a neighbourhood event, documenting your neighbourhood’s history, or enhancing a park or playground.

Step 2: City staff will support residents to develop their idea into a one-page proposal, working to make sure that it is possible to implement the proposed idea.

Step 3: A community vote will be held for residents to vote for their favourite ideas.

Step 4: City staff will work with the residents who submitted the winning ideas to implement their neighbourhood project.

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