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How it Works

City Council has committed $250,000 annually to support a Neighbourhood Decision Making Program across the city. This program will allow you to propose ideas to enhance your neighbourhood, with you deciding on which ideas will go forward!

How does Neighbourhood Decision Making work?

Step 1: Residents are encouraged to identify a neighbourhood building project(s) that enhances and strengthens their neighbourhood. Funds may be used on a variety of different projects which could include: planting public gardens, community public art, piloting a community program, hosting a neighbourhood event, documenting your neighbourhood’s history, or enhancing a park or playground.

Step 2: City staff will support residents to develop their idea into a one-page proposal, working to make sure that it is possible to implement the proposed idea.

Step 3: A community vote will be held for residents to vote for their favourite ideas.

Step 4: City staff will work with the residents who submitted the winning ideas to implement their neighbourhood project.

2017 Winning Projects

Check out the winning projects in your neighbourhood!

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