Your Ideas. Your Vote.

Neighbourhood Decision Making. Vote November 9!

Neighbourhood Decision Making is an opportunity for London residents to democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget on real projects to help make our neighbourhoods even better.

A total of $250,000 is available across the city with a maximum of $30,000 per project.

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View ideas submitted for the 2019 Vote Day in the tab below, and choose your favourites.

Vote on November 9! Voting is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at any London Public Library or all day online.

2019 Ideas

How it Works

How does Neighbourhood Decision Making work?

Step 1: Idea Submission

  • Share an idea that would make your neighbourhood even better.
  • Review the Guidelines for Ideas here.
  • Check out the Idea Bank for some inspiration and potential costs.
  • All ideas will be reviewed and considered by city staff.

Step 2: Proposal Development

  • City staff will review all ideas for feasibility based on cost, level of complication, and relation to other existing plans and projects.
  • If your idea is feasible, City staff will support you to develop your idea into a one-page proposal.
  • Some details of your idea may need to change, depending on the feasibility review.

Step 3: Campaigning

  • If your idea is on the ballot, it’s up to you to get your neighbours, friends, and family to vote for your idea. The ideas with the most votes will receive funding!
  • You can create promotional materials and share them door to door or online.
  • Getting people to vote for your idea is a very important part of the process and an opportunity for you to meet new people and grow your neighbourhood community.

Step 4: Community Vote Day: Saturday, November 9, 2019

  • All feasible ideas will be put on the ballot for voting.
  • Voting is open to all London residents of all ages.
  • No documentation or ID is required to participate.

Step 5: Funding and Implementation

  • City staff will work with the residents who submitted the winning ideas to implement their neighbourhood project.

Vote Day

Vote Day is on Saturday November 9, 2019.

Vote Day Details:

  • Idea Proposals will be made available for review on this page during the week of October 14 - 18.
  • Vote in person at London Public Library branches between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Note: Glanworth Library Branch will not be a voting location.
  • Vote online all day right here at Note: If you haven’t voted online in the past, you will need to create an account on this website.
  • Vote for up to three (3) ideas in one geographic area of the city (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Central).
  • All London residents of any age can vote.
  • No documentation or ID is required to participate.

For Idea Submitters:

  • Once your idea is posted here, you can start to rally your neighbours, friends and family to vote for your proposal!
  • This is your opportunity to get people excited about your idea! Send emails, use social media, print flyers distribute them in your community.
  • The projects that get the most votes will receive funding and you can watch fun new community-based projects come to life!
Woman marks her votes on the ballot at a London library on Neighbourhood Decision Making Vote Day 2017.