What is proposed?

To plan for the future the City has started development of a long term Resource Recovery Plan. The Resource Recovery Plan involves the development of a plan to maximize waste reduction, reuse, recycling and resource recovery in an economically viable and environmentally responsible manner.

The Resource Recovery Plan will identify:

  • areas of continuous improvement to maximize waste diversion and resource recovery including increasing the current London household waste diversion rate to 60% by 2022 from the current rate of 45%;
  • opportunities for advanced resource recovery and increased waste diversion through new, emerging and next generation technologies and where these technologies may play a role in London and area;
  • areas to reduce or maintain current costs of City programs;
  • ways in which to support local job creation efforts;
  • ways in which to maximize program convenience to Londoners; and,
  • methods to align with Provincial direction and the Waste Free Ontario Act.
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