Residential Speed Limits

Community safety is a top priority for the City of London. With this in mind, we are seeking public input on an opportunity to lower speed limits to below 50km/h on streets in residential neighbourhoods. Residential streets include neighbourhood blocks, crescents and cul-de-sacs and collector streets (such as Wortley Road, Aldersbrook Road and Meadowgate Boulevard). It does not include major roads such as Richmond Street, Wharncliffe Road or Adelaide Street.

In London, the speed limit on residential streets is 50 km/h, except in school zones, where it is 40 km/h. The City is exploring this change as an attempt to increase safety and comfort in communities across the city.


  • The risk of pedestrian death increases significantly when vehicles are travelling over 40 km/h.
  • Once determined, the preferred speed limit would be applied to all of the applicable residential streets in London, Ontario over a number of years.
  • Current City-supported Vision Zero initiatives that address speed in residential areas include: Active and Safe Routes to School, the “Respect the Limit” lawn sign campaign, student silhouettes, centreline markers and automated speed display boards.

Residential Speed Limits Survey:

Please take a moment to answer three quick questions.
1. Should the City of London lower speed limits on streets in residential neighbourhoods? Required
2. If you answered "yes" to the question above, what new lower speed limit should Council consider implementing?
3. Do you support enabling the City of London to designate high-pedestrian areas such as school zones as “community safety zones,” which would allow the doubling of speeding fines in those areas? Required