What qualifies as a viable idea?

    • Ideas can be submitted by London residents and resident-led groups
    • Ideas must come from, be planned by and put into action by neighbours and community members who will be affected by the project
    • Ideas must benefit the neighbourhood as a whole
    • Ideas must take place within city limits
    • Ideas must be on public land that is accessible. If public land is not available, the idea can take place on private property if it is totally accessible to the general public (for example, a mural on the outside wall of a building on private property)

    Idea submissions may achieve any of the following outcomes:

    • Improve neighbourhood safety, participation and mobility
    • Beautify the neighbourhood
    • Improve community connections and understanding between neighbours
    • Encourage equity, diversity and inclusion
    • Enhance or expand green space
    • Protect neighbourhoods and communities from the effects of climate change

    What would not qualify as an idea?

    Ideas cannot:

    • Benefit (or be perceived to benefit) any particular business or organization
    • Pay for employee positions
    • Pay for a project on private property unless it is totally accessible to the public
    • Reimburse out-of-London travel expenses or any accommodation expenses
    • Fund any alcohol, tobacco or gambling expenses
    • Contribute to fundraising revenue for projects
    • Delay or cancel projects that are part of the Council’s approved Multi-Year Budget
    • Substitute funding lost from other sources of money
    • Reimburse an organization’s operating expenses not directly linked to the awarded project
    • Pay for expenses or financial commitments undertaken prior to the organization being under contract with the City of London

    What geographic area is my idea in?

    Search for the address where your idea will take place using our map: NDM Geographic Area Selection

    How do I find out if my idea is something within the budget and is possible?

    You can correspond with the NeighbourGood team by emailing neighbourgood@london.ca or calling 519-661-5336 prior to submitting your idea. Alternatively, you can submit your idea and City staff will review it and advise you of the costs.

    How much work will this take?

    Typical time commitments include the following:

    • Idea submission: Five minutes
    • Idea to proposal: Up to 30 minutes
    • Campaigning for your idea: During the two weeks before voting opens 
    • Idea implementation: Dependent on scope of project

    How do I get people to vote for my idea during the voting period?

    We encourage you to think about campaigning for your idea once it has been made into a proposal and you know it will be on the ballot.

    Campaigning can consist of social media advertisements or door-to-door information drops.

    How do the winning ideas get implemented?

    City staff will assist the idea through the implementation phase if required. In many cases, the resident will implement the winning idea on their own (for example, neighbourhood event).