Is there a difference between a Curbside and an EnviroDepot household participating in this pilot project?


    In the first phase of the pilot project, about 7,000 households will be asked to participate through the curbside recycling program (5 different neighbourhoods) and about 6,000 households (4 different neighbourhoods) will be asked to drop off filled bags at their local EnviroDepot when they bring other materials.

    To find out if you are a curbside household or an EnviroDepot household, please refer to the postcard you recently received.

    Will the Hefty® EnergyBag® program compete with existing recycling programs?


    The Hefty® EnergyBag® program was developed to recover plastics that are not currently being recycled. Participants should continue to recycle as they normally would in the Blue Box program to ensure they are maximizing the use of the recycling program. If it can go in the Blue Box, it doesn’t belong in the Hefty® EnergyBag®. Plastic bags that are being returned to retail recycle bins should continue to be taken back to retail as they go to a higher use making new bags and products.

    The existing recycling programs are the most effective means of recycling these items. In summary, save your Hefty® orange bag for materials that can’t be managed in another program such as the Blue Box or return to retail.

    How full should the Hefty® EnergyBag® orange bags be?

    Please stuff as much as possible into the bags before you tie them tightly closed with the top flaps. We do not want you to overstuff and break the bags as this can contaminate other recyclables being collected.

    We anticipate that the 20-bag roll that you will receive could last between 6 months and one year for smaller households. Learning about bag use, especially the need to tie it tightly before placing with recyclables, will be a key component of this pilot project.

    Where will the Hefty® orange bags go?

    If you are a curbside household, the recycling truck will take them to the recycling centre. If you are EnviroDepot participant, you will take the bags to the EnviroDepot and from there they will be sent to the recycling centre.

    At the recycling centre, the bags will be gathered, baled and shipped to selected end markets. Materials collected in this program will be helping to create end-of-life solutions for plastics and advancing the development of a plastics circular economy.

    The goal is to turn plastic waste resources into higher value applications ranging from making durable products, including composite plastic products like boards and panels, and fuel. The pilot project also offers the opportunity to support advancing new technologies that can make plastic feedstocks for new product in Canada and the United States.

    Is there a cost for those for the participating households?

    There is no fee to participate in the pilot project, and the Hefty® EnergyBag® starter kit is provided at no cost to participating households. However, after the first package of free bags is used, residents will need to purchase their Hefty® orange bags. The cost for additional bags is being developed.

    It is important to note that the cost of the bag includes most of the costs associated with preparing the material for end markets, transportation to end markets and the further cost of processing this material into new products or energy sources.

    After your free supply of bags is used up, you are under no obligation to purchase more bags or participate in the program. But we think you will be surprised at how much less material will be going from your house to landfill.

    How much is the pilot project going to cost?

    $440,000 has been set aside from funding partners to help make this pilot project happen. The City of London’s contribution is $25,000 per year for two years or about 11% of the costs. Other financial contributors include Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Dow Chemical Canada, PAC Next, Continuous Improvement Fund (Blue Box Program) and Nestlé Canada.

    Is the program voluntary?


    If you choose not participate, please let us know right away. Contact us at or by calling 519-661-2489 ext 5419 with your address.

    How do I get updates about the pilot project?

    The website will be your place to come for more details on the pilot project as they become available. We would also like to be able to send you updates on this project as we work through the next phases.

    Please click on the "Stay Connected" tab to enter your email in order to receive regular updates.

    When will more details be available?

    Pilot Project households will receive their starter kit- which includes information on the project and a roll of 20 Hefty orange bags - between October 23 and November 1, 2019. You can start collecting the hard-to-recycle plastic materials and place them into the bags once you receive them.

    If I want more details now, who do I contact?

    If you have other questions about the pilot project, please feel free to reach out at or by calling 519-661-2489 ext 5419

    We will be happy to answer them for you.