Are you putting the wrong stuff in the bag? List of acceptable Items

It is important that your Hefty® orange bags are used only for those plastic items on the attached accepted items list. If you are unsure if an item belongs in the Hefty® orange bag, contact our team for directions, or leave it out of the bag until you know for sure.

We have had great participation so congratulations on your plastic recycling efforts. Our team’s initial monitoring shows there are some non-plastic items not on the accepted items list making their way into the Hefty® orange bag that will impact our end market opportunities. As a reminder, items that DO NOT belong in the Hefty® orange bag are as follows:

  • food waste like sandwiches, meats, produce, crackers, cereal;
  • original food still inside the plastic bag or pouch;
  • soiled meat pads;
  • paper towels and other cleaning items;
  • glass and metal containers; and
  • other recyclable materials.

Blue Box Materials Stay in the Box

Please remember that the Blue Box recycling program has not changed. Any item that you normally recycle in the Blue Box program, remains in the Blue Box (yogurt cups, plastic clamshells from fruit, beverage bottles, etc.). They do not belong in the Hefty® orange bag as the Blue Box end-markets for these materials depend on these plastics.

For more information, please take a look at the 'Are you putting the wrong stuff in the bag?" document.

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