Is there any cost to property owners in the Study Area of this project?


    Will property owners have to decide on the zoning that they want?

    No. City Planning Staff will ask for ideas about the types of uses that people want to see in the Hamilton Road Corridor. This will help City Planning Staff make recommendations. The draft recommendations will be presented to the community for review and feedback before being considered by City Council.

    Will my property taxes change?

    Your tax bill is calculated using the assessed value of your property and the Municipal Tax Rate for the overall land use of your property.

    Will my property value change?

    The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) determines the value of your property.Your property value is shown on a property assessment notice from MPAC and on your annual property tax bill. Property values are reassessed every 4 years. In 2016, MPAC reassessed properties across Ontario and these assessed values apply from 2017 to 2020.If the value of the overall area increases, it is likely that your property value will also increase.

    What about people who have started a re-zoning process for their property?

    This project will not affect rezoning files currently underway.

    I want to rezone my property. Should I wait for this project?

    This is up to each individual property owner.If a property owner has a defined timeframe and wants to complete a rezoning in 2019, they may want to proceed.

    How much does a rezoning cost?

    $11,000 Application Fee plus the cost of necessary studies and other submission materials (e.g. Traffic Study, Site Plan). This study will look at changing the zoning at no cost to property owners.

    Where can I find out more about adding a secondary dwelling unit to my house?

    Information about the City of London’s secondary dwelling unit policy can be found on the Secondary Dwelling Units webpage

    If you are interested in adding a secondary suite to your property, please contact the Zoning Department by telephone at 519-930-3510 or by email at

    I’m interested in a sidewalk patio. Can I do this?

    You may be eligible for a boulevard café permit. Please see boulevard café permit information on the City's website.

    I have questions about the road work happening on Hamilton Road. Who should I contact?

    Please see Renew London for more information about road construction projects in your area.

    Where can I find out information about parking requirements?

    The parking standards can be found in the City of London Zoning By-law.

    Properties fronting Hamilton Road between Horton Street and Highbury Avenue are in Parking Standard Area 2.

    If you are looking to see if what you wish to develop meets the parking requirements, please contact the Zoning Department by telephone at 519-930-3510 or by email at