The London Environmental Network, London Public Library and the City of London want your Feedback and Ideas

Help us select the environmental topics you would be most interested in learning about and/or engaging in discussion on. Your feedback will help us design upcoming discussions, presentations and workshops for programs such as Green in the City, Environmentalist in Residence, Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo, London Clean & Green, etc.

How we live impacts our environment and its ability to support us. With your input, these discussions, presentations and workshops will be designed to meet your needs and advance our collective goals of living more sustainably.

Your participation in this Feedback Survey is very important to us. Even more important, is your attendance at these upcoming sessions. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Thank you on behalf of the London Environmental Network, London Public Library and the City of London

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We are currently planning a series of fall and winter discussions, presentations and workshops on a variety of environmental topics related to Greening in the City.

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  1. Thames River / Upper Thames Watershed #
  2. Food Waste - Facts & How to Avoid #
  3. Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle #
  4. How to Reduce Your Plastic Use #
  5. Cycling (from health to environment, to transportation, to affordability) #
  6. Transportation (and moving around) #
  7. Urban Agriculture #
  8. Pollination #
  9. Biodiversity #
  10. Rain Water Gardening #
  11. Xeriscaping #
  12. Eco-Friendly Homes & Renovations #
  13. Energy Conservation #
  14. Organic/Sustainable Gardening #
  15. Insects #
  16. Home Composting #
  17. City Wide Composting & Green Bins - How It Works #
  18. Clothing Recycling & Diversion #
  19. Electric Vehicles; Fuel Efficient Vehicles #
  20. Indigenous Wisdom & Perspectives on the Environment #
  21. How Your Food Choices Impact the Environment #
  22. Climate Change - The Impact on London & What We Can Do #
  23. Native Plants & Trees #
  24. Conserving Water in the Home & Garden #
  25. Understanding Recycling and Where Materials Go #
  26. Growing Your Own Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts #
  27. Pollinator Friendly Gardening #
  28. Getting Children Involved in Environmental Activities #
  29. Invasive Species #
  30. Endangered / Threatened Species in London #
  31. Getting Adults Involved in Environmental Activities #
  32. Litter Prevention and Management #
  33. Other (please indicate, below) #
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