What does the Fireworks By-law PW11 regulate?

    • the sale of fireworks
    • the setting off of fireworks and pyrotechnics
    • when a permit is required

    The By-law includes several restrictions, one being the date on which Consumer Fireworks can be discharged. Currently, the By-law permits the discharge of Consumer Fireworks only on Victoria Day and Canada Day between dusk and 11 pm with two exceptions:

    1. Residents can obtain a permit to discharge Consumer Fireworks on special occasions, such as weddings, or Council can permit other dates through a By-law.
    2. While the By-law restricts the discharge of Consumer Fireworks to a specific day, there is one exception - Canada Day. 

    Unlike most statutory holidays that fall on a Monday, Canada Day always falls on July 1st and residents wished to celebrate the holiday on a weekend. As such, the By-law enables residents to discharge Consumer Fireworks on the Saturday preceding Canada Day where Canada Day falls on a Monday or a Tuesday. Where Canada Day falls on a Wednesday through Friday, inclusive, the discharge is permitted on the Saturday following Canada Day.

    What are consumer fireworks?

    Consumer fireworks are low hazard fireworks that are commonly used by the general public for recreational purposes in residential settings.

    What are display fireworks?

    Display fireworks are high hazard fireworks that are generally used for public display while Special Effect Pyrotechnics are high hazard explosives generally used to produce a special effect in a film or television production or a performance before a live audience. Usually, discharge of these types of fireworks/pyrotechnics are performed by professional companies after the acquisition of a permit, issued by the Fire Chief.