Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on expanded gaming in London.

City Council approved expanded gaming on April 23. We encourage you to review the staff report and results collected through this survey and at our open house.

  • Currently there are 738 slot machines at the Western Fair District.
  • These slots are operated by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited on behalf of The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).
  • The City of London is seeking public input to inform a Council resolution that would allow for expanded gaming, if passed.
  • OLG's goal is to educate players and assist in the prevention and mitigation of problem gambling.
Key facts:

This consultation is focused only on whether or not to expand gaming in London.

Although the current site for gaming in London is at the Western Fair District, a decision has not been made regarding a site for future gaming.

At this stage, because only expanded gaming is being considered, an alternative location to the current site is not part of the discussion.

If expanded gaming is passed by Council, Londoners would have the opportunity to provide feedback through a future Planning applications process (Official Plan and/or Zoning By-law amendment).

What is expanded gaming?

The OLG Modernization Plan and Casino Operating and Services Agreement allows for up to 1,200 slots as a casino as well up to 50 live table games. Live table games include games such as poker, black jack, roulette and others.

Financial impacts:
  • Currently the City has a contribution agreement with the OLG for the slot revenues from the Western Fair District. Under the contribution agreement, the City receives a percentage of slot revenues, based on a standardized formula. In 2017, this payment was approximately $5 million from the OLG through its operations at the Western Fair District.
  • These revenues are used at Council’s discretion to fund infrastructure investments and other capital projects.
  • If there is an expansion of gaming the City would receive increased revenues, based on this agreement.


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