Your Mobility Experience

By completing the Feedback Form below, you will help the City of London identify key issues and opportunities to be explored as part of the Mobility Master Plan process. Input will also be used to help refine the draft Vision and Guiding Principles. 

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If you are willing, please consider telling us a bit about yourself before sharing your mobility experience.

As part of our commitment to building healthy and safe communities, the City of London is collecting demographic data on a voluntary basis from individuals who participate. Collecting demographic information is essential to ensure the City is reaching a wide range of Londoners and delivering information in a way that is equitable. It also helps the City understand and address gaps in participation and gives us a more complete picture of who is being represented in the planning process. All information collected will be pooled together and would not be used to identify an individual person. Providing this information is completely optional. You may skip any question.