Purpose of the study

    The purpose of the Dingman Creek Subwatershed Stage 2 EA is to assess potential flood mitigation and stormwater servicing alternatives to address current and future flooding and erosion risk as well as accommodate future growth. In parallel with the EA process, the City intends to update the Dingman Creek Regulatory Floodplain as currently shown on Map 6 of the London Plan, through an Official Plan Amendment process.

    The City, in cooperation with a team of engineers, ecologists, archaeologists, and channel specialists, have been working to design an expanded channel corridor along Dingman Creek that will reduce the frequency of flooding in the area. The EA will review flood mitigation alternatives such as culvert improvements and flood storage.  The project flood mitigation works coordinate with opportunities to improve ecological conditions, as well as promote active mobility through a multi-use pathway for residents.

    Project area

    The Dingman Creek floodplain update generally includes lands located west of Highbury Avenue, east of Colonel Talbot Road, south of Pack Road and Southdale Road, and north of Dingman Creek.

    The map below shows the general extents of the study area and regulatory flood line subject to be updated. A map of the general extents of the study area and regulatory flood line subject to be updated.

    The process

    The EA study will be undertaken in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and will cover all necessary phases of the Schedule ‘C’ EA Process. This process includes definition of the problem/opportunity, identification and evaluation of alternative solutions, and selection of a preferred one. There will be opportunity throughout the process for public input, including future Public Information Centres.  As the study progresses, updates, and information will be posted on the City’s “Get Involved” website: getinvolved.london.ca/dingmancreek