Tree removals

    After careful assessment, it was determined that there are trees within the project area that need to be removed for health reasons or due to construction conflicts. Trees within the project limits were inspected by a professional arborist from the project team to determine their health condition, review conflicts with construction, and develop a tree protection plan. 

    A total of 75 trees were assessed within the project limits. Anticipated tree removals are listed below and are subject to change, noting some trees have been identified for removal for health reasons while others are due to construction conflicts. More information will be available at the project update meeting. Tree size has been grouped into two categories: small trees with a diameter less than 12 inches / 30 cm and large trees with a diameter greater than 12 inches / 30 cm.

    • Removal is required for a total of fourteen (14) small trees and eleven (11) large trees 
    • Removal is not required for a total of twenty four (24) small trees and twenty six (26) large trees 

    The tree removals are limited to the work area around the chamber and along the access path that is required for the contractor to work safely.