The City of London operates five wastewater treatment plants throughout the City. As part of the treatment process, solid material is separated from the liquid. Solids are also generated as by-product of the biological and chemical processes used to treat our water to ensure it meets all required environmental and health standards. Solids generated at our Adelaide, Oxford, Pottersburg and Vauxhall wastewater treatment plants are thickened (mass reduced by approximately 70% due to water removal to minimize transportation) prior to transportation to the Greenway WWTP, the City’s largest facility which treats 60% of the City’s wastewater. Solids transported to Greenway from the other four plants are dewatered (Water content reduced to <10%) prior to being incinerated. The by-product of incineration is ash, which is then transported to the City’s W12A landfill. It is anticipated that the current incinerator can be repaired/rebuilt once more prior to reaching the end of it’s asset life sometime in the next 15 years.

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