Adelaide Street/CPR Grade Separation PIC #3


What is this Study About?

  • Adelaide Street is part of the neighbourhood fabric and area residents frequently walk and cycle to parks, schools, businesses and shopping areas.
  • The street also supports broader travel across the city and will play a more important role with the proposed rapid transit on Richmond Street.
  • This is CPR’s main line supporting regional train movements, and the CPR yard adjacent to Adelaide Street which utilizes the tracks for shunting trains (pushing or pulling a train or part of a train from the main line to a siding, or from one track to another), resulting in frequent blockage of Adelaide Street.
  • The City has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to look at options, considering:
    • The needs of all corridor users: vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, CPR
    • Surrounding communities: heritage conservation districts, heritage properties, McMahen Park, community mobility and connectivity
    • Traffic operations and the potential need for turning lanes at select locations
    • Changes in access to local roads
    • Continued revitalization of the community through unique urban design.

red PT cruiser crossing railroad tracks

Input and Comments from PIC #2

The City of London will host a total of three Adelaide Street Public Information Centres (PICs). These events create opportunities for our study team to collect feedback from Londoners on a variety of questions about the type of grade separation.

What we've Heard so far:

  • Underpass should be accessible during and after construction
  • Cyclists would prefer a dedicated bike lane
  • Maintain Pall Mall St. connection to Adelaide Street
  • Minimize impacts to McMahen Park
  • Reduce cut-through traffic onto the local roads and neighbourhoods (especially during a train blockage)
  • Provide more signalized intersections and dedicated right-turn lanes north and south of the underpass
  • Find ways to make pedestrians feel safe when walking through the underpass in the evenings

The Underpass Alternative

There is a strong preference for the underpass alternative on Adelaide Street. Here's why:

  • Londoners don’t want obstructed views
  • Minimizing traffic noise is highly preferred
  • Avoid the separation of neighbourhoods

To get in touch with the project team, you may also contact us directly:

Jay Goldberg, Project Engineer