The City of London is currently exploring options to implement a new Accessible Vehicle for Hire Incentive Program. This program would help mitigate the costs associated with operating a wheelchair accessible taxi so that Accessible Taxi Plate License holders and accessible drivers are incented to improve service to customers requesting on-demand wheelchair accessible taxi services.

This survey is for the City of London to gain better understanding of the amount of on-demand accessible taxicabs required for the community.

For more information on Vehicle for Hire Licensing and upcoming meetings, please visit this page.

If someone requires assistance completing the survey, or does not have access to the internet, please call Nicole Musicco 519-661-2489 ext. 4992.

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Do you, or someone you live with or support, require accessible taxi transportation services (taxis that use ramps or lifts for vehicles)?
How often do you need or require accessible taxi services?
If you require an accessible taxi, is it easy to find one when you need it?
What times of the day do you typically require the taxi services?
How do you consider the current accessible taxi services in London?
Do you feel the cost of accessible taxi services in London is:
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