Who is involved in the creation of the plan?

    • The City of London Accessibility Specialist, who is a member of the Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression team, is primarily responsible for the plan.
    • The plan is developed in concert with community stakeholders like the City of London Accessibility Advisory Committee. 
    • Each City Service area will be responsible for coming up with their own goals and objectives within the plan with consultation and input from the Accessibility Specialist. These city groups will be responsible for following through on those objectives and taking active steps to implement the new plan.

    What happened with the last plan?

    • The last plan was implemented by the City of London from 2018-2021, and it can be found here: 2018-2021 COL Multi-Year Accessibility Plan - FINAL.pdf (london.ca).
    • This new plan builds on where the last plan left off, focusing not only on physical accessibility but also on addressing other types of barriers that contribute to inaccessibility.
    • The City of London is operating on the continuous improvement model, and is always striving to do better today than it did yesterday.

    I know someone who doesn’t have a computer, how can they get involved?

    • People who don’t have computers or reliable internet access can contribute to this plan by calling the following number: 519-661-2489 ext. 5865.
    • They will be prompted to leave a message, and someone will reply to their concerns or questions within three business days. 
    • To ensure that the response is as helpful as possible we encourage people to provide as much relevant information as possible in their messages so that the City employees can gather the appropriate information to respond.

    Can I offer feedback anonymously?

    • To offer feedback and get a response you need to enter an email address and a screen name. The screen name can be anything that you would like to be called by the City in the response to your feedback, as long as it complies with our respectful language policy.
    • The email address and screen name do not necessarily have to be your main email and real name, you can create a new email address for the purpose of leaving feedback if you choose.
    • Make sure that the email that you create is one that you can access reliably, to ensure that you can see the response to your feedback from the City of London team.

    I don’t have to have a disability or know someone who does, but I can see areas for improvement with accessibility, can I still get involved?

    • Yes! We encourage anyone who is interested to get involved by reading the plan and leaving their feedback. 
    • We welcome feedback from all residents of the City of London, as a truly  accessible city accommodates the needs of all residents.

    Will someone respond to my feedback directly?

    • Yes, someone will reply to the feedback and comments sent through the website within one business week of it being sent in.
    • If you call the City to provide the feedback, you will also receive a direct response within a week.

    Can other people see the feedback that I send in?

    • No, the feedback and comments are only visible to the people at the City who are responsible for looking into the feedback and responding to it.

    Can I see the responses to other people’s feedback?

    • No, you cannot see other people’s feedback or the responses to it.

    Who is looking at the responses?

    • Please see the Who Is Listening section of the Get Involved page for a full list of the people monitoring this research.

    How can I track the progress of the plan?

    • You can track the progress of the plan here on the get involved site. The get involved site features a timeline that will display all of the major milestones associated with putting this plan into action. 
    • If you want more information on the progress of the plan, click on the area of the timeline that you are curious about to see more information.

    How can I get more involved with accessibility in the City of London?

    1. Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, and it is great that you want to get involved in making the City of London more accessible. Some great ways to get involved include: 
      • joining a City of London focus group,
      • attending town hall meetings on accessibility issues,
      • working to increase accessibility in your personal life by doing things like using captions in zoom meetings (and asking friends and colleagues to do so as well!). 
    2. Any action you take to increase accessibility, no matter how small, creates a positive ripple effect that makes London a better place to live for everyone.

    If I see an urgent and current accessibility issue in the City, what should I do?