About Get Involved London

Get Involved London is a place for Londoners to learn about and participate in City projects and initiatives.

Use the Get Involved London portal to:

  • Provide feedback and comments on projects that are open for input
  • Learn about public events and information sessions
  • Connect with the project team and staff
  • Check the progress and status of ongoing projects

Your engagement and feedback will help us build a healthy, vibrant and accessible city.

Community Engagement Policy Statement

All Londoners have the right to participate in clear and transparent public engagement processes in a timely, meaningful and appropriate way. We believe in inclusive community engagement processes to ensure quality communication, citizen involvement and community participation across a variety of options - inform, consult, collaborate, empower. We also believe that community engagement is a mutual responsibility of both the City of London and community members.

London City Council and Civic Administration recognize that decisions are improved by engaging citizens. We are committed to meaningful engagement that is open, accessible, inclusive and responsive, and within the City’s ability to finance and resource.

Definition of Community Engagement

Community engagement is the process of meaningful two-way dialogue and participation in forming decisions that affect the community. The community engagement process is transparent, responsive, inclusive and empowering and is based on expectations, mutual respect and trust.