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23 October, 2018

Graeden M says:

“YES to green bins. YES to bi-weekly garbage pick up, but only if green bins/recyclables still picked up weekly - otherwise cons>pros.”

22 October, 2018

yve says:

“Nay to the green bin program. Waste of money and only encourage the wildlife to scavenge. If it is passed I will not be using it.”

21 October, 2018

Dave says:

“More taxes, less service. Garbage every 2 weeks is no good. I have pets and am not keeping their waste for 2 weeks. Need more characters.”

15 October, 2018

Emily says:

“I total support community compost (curbside organics)”

15 October, 2018

corgi II says:

“I lived in Toronto when the green bin idea was attempted. The bin festers in the summer and rat populations explode. Plan was scrapped.”

15 October, 2018

Sandy says:

“I definitely support a green bin program. And yes, industry needs to participate as well.”

12 October, 2018

ms_dar says:

“I like the idea of diverting from landfill but worry about mess from spills at curbside and attraction of rats and high cost of program”

10 October, 2018

Claire says:

“I think that London definitely needs a green bin program! People in apartments should be able to have green bins or a way to compost as well”

10 October, 2018

Irene says:

“I believe that these ideas need to be incorporated in to businesses and corporations. There is not enough corporate responsibility for waste”

10 October, 2018

Irene says:

“I believe that these ideas are an amazing start to properly managing waste in London, such as the green bin program. ”

28 September, 2018

FED UP says:

“If you stopped wasting money on lame ideas and consultants fee's you would be able to implement all programs without cost to to tax payers.”

27 September, 2018

Val N says:

“I believe in once a week garbage collection and the green bin program. Other cities of equal size do this, why don't we. ”

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