Couldn't make it out to an Open House? No Worries! We have created a "Virtual" Open House.

Our second series of Why Waste Open Houses were held on November 29 and 30, 2017 to inform residents about the City's plan to develop long term Residual Waste Disposal and Resource Recovery Strategies and receive feedback. The materials presented about the Resource Recovery Strategy at the Open Houses are provided below. The Virtual Open House remained open until March 31.

The material presented at the Open Houses about the Residual Waste Disposal Strategy appears on the Residual Waste Disposal Strategy website.

Welcome board
Short term waste diversion goals
Upcoming changes in Ontario
Upcoming Changes in Ontario - Food and Organic Waste Action Plan
Getting to 60 % by 2022
Food Waste Reduction Initiatives
Home Composting
Community Composting
City Wide Organics - Curbside Program
City Wide Organics - Multi-Residential Program
Other Recyclables
Other Recyclables
Waste Reduction and Reuse Initiatives
Waste Reduction Policies
Current Waste Diversion and Resource Recovery Research
London Waste to Resources Innovation Centre
long term recovery options
Resource Recovery Strategy Process
How to Stay Involved
Community Engagement