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16 February, 2020

Tammy says:

“Absolute rubbish. This is nothing but a ploy to reduce the frequency of garbage pickup while hiking taxes. Queen's Park is no longer offering subsidies for green bin programs. The government that did offer such subsidies did not factor in the costs of rodent control programs that should have been run in conjunction. That government also did not retain enough seats to maintain official party status. Elected members of Council should pay attention to that as it will be the same taxpayer voting.”

1 February, 2020

Anna says:

“I see that I am in the majority based on the comments below - green bins please!! With the amount of compostables that can be diverted from landfill and the precedence that has been set by other municipalities that have implemented this program, it’s a no brainer!”

11 April, 2019

Holly says:

“If Toronto can have green bins- London should too. We are behind the times! ”

1 November, 2018

Boo says:

“Yes London has alot of great idea's for recycling, composting, etc. But think about it, "WHY", so they can invest outside and charge other cities etc to collect more money and taxes which will fill our already over full Landfill. That's why they have to expand it. The Proposal says to increase the service area to other regions?? Taking in outside garbage from Toronto etc.. No Thanks!!”

27 September, 2018

KariVeblen says:

“I believe that London is on the right track. This is a great time to expand our recycling program and to initiate a compost project. It would be really an excellent idea to have neighbourhood compost sites as a pilot study as well. Is it possible to consider plastics and packing foam? Can we do something ecological with them? Kari Veblen”

13 September, 2018

Lynne says:

“I don't think the curbside organic program is a good idea. we have enough skunks and mice running around in our complex now without the enticement of waste at the curbside. ”

10 September, 2018

Holly says:

“-Single stream recycling overdue -Curbside composting overdue -Deter people from using public garbages for household waste (i.e. garbage bags going into bins at the park) -Identify strategies to reduce litter. -Can grocery stores offer cardboard boxes for packing groceries in? -Implement a sticker system for each bag of garbage like Southwest Oxford (Ontario) ”

22 August, 2018

Theresa says:

“London needs to introduce an organic waste pickup program; the bulk of garbage generated is food waste which can be used in so many ways once composted. Organic food waste can be prepared for fodder for pigs as South Korea and Japan are doing. It can be returned to the earth as compost for our farms. It takes a head of lettuce 25 years to compost in landfill; it takes 2 weeks in compost. London's vision for the future must begin with composting our organic waste - not creating more landfill.”

21 August, 2018

Shanu says:

“ I just came across a chart posted on the resource recovery strategy page that shows the percentage of London's curbside household residual waste and the majority (at 45%) is organics. The fact that the majority of our waste is compostable, and yet there is no compost program being implemented is absurd. It's about time London pulled up their socks and did the environmentally responsible thing.”

21 July, 2018

bill mckenzie says:

“I think its more than time to explore outside garbage collection, Toronto tried for 1/2 & saved millions & surveyed better service. St Thomas has always had private collection & a 60% deferral as apposed to our 45% rate . We should also charge for container garbage containers (like Toronto) I think they have 3 different sizes (pay what you throw out) that should encourage more recycling bill ”

10 April, 2018

Teresa says:

“3 ideas: - introduce green (food) waste collection - accept plastic bags for recycling - ban stores from using plastic bags; allow only paper bags to be sold for $.15, as Victoria, BC, recently did”

28 February, 2018

Erica says:

“London needs to have a green bin system that is collected every week with the one other waste that week (alternating between garbage and recycling). There is no reason why garbage and recycling both need to be collected every week. If we rotate these and have green bin regardless every week this will encourage families to start to compost regularly! I think one of the main reasons residents are not composting is they are unaware of the process and what can be composted. Education is key! ”

17 January, 2018

Murray Glassford says:

“- increase curb collection to include food waste, yard waste, plastic bags, and on line packaging - move to a mechanical pick up system with large bin containers - eleminate plastic bags in landfill - move to a 2 week 4 day pick up program- Monday to Thursday, schedule around stat holidays - wk 1, general garbage and compost/yard waste - wk 2, recyclables and compost/yard waste - engage residents at home - education, email up dates, blogs”

4 January, 2018

Ryan says:

“Move to weekly collection. Reduce the garbage limit again. Anyone producing more than 2 bags weekly is doing it wrong. Provide compost bins to single-family residences and green bin pickup to multi-family units.”

1 January, 2018

Ron says:

“I have four rain barrels and three composters. I would not use a green city provided composter except maybe in the winter as I do not compost during this season (too difficult to get to my frozen composters at the back of the lot.) Lots of advertising about the issues, possibly providing composters at no charge or very little charge, might encourage more home owners to compost. Same with the use of rain barrels. ”

12 December, 2017

Ottoknut says:

“Reducing and recycling are key. The amount of old appliances and electronics that I see at the curb on garbage day is horrible. The city depots and Zubick's take old electronics and metal appliances for recycling, so taking these items for recycling should become mandatory. If the garbage trucks refuse to take the items people will then be forced to recycle them. If people don't have the means to take them themselves there are many people that will pick them up for the salvage money. ”

4 December, 2017

Andrea says:

“Any new program will cost tax payers money, so lets make sure it's right. The city needs a "green" program for all the compost waste. As a new comer it saddens me to see that all of this goes into landfill. I think that the city should consider a bin collection system-every home gets a grey, blue and green bin. This will eliminate plastic garbage bags going into landfill. The truck will only the driver because he operates the arms that lift and dump. Check out the Guelph system, it works well.”

3 December, 2017

Karen says:

“Mandatory recycling at golf courses! Most of the waste in garbage cans on the course are drink containers however lots of courses are only providing the odd recycle container. I realize this is a small idea, however we need more than one solution. ”

26 November, 2017

Jeff Parker says:

“We had a functional waste 2 energy plant. Inefficiency ID’d upon final installation of stacks, inappropriate scrubbers & filters were used - or cheapest way to complete project. Upgrading stacks not an option, facility was scrapped wasting $14 million. 3M saw value of a waste 2 energy plant but City turned down proposal. With proper scrubbers & filters, waste2 energy plants would be functioning. LDN could have had all GTA garbage trucks & revenue which would have provided funds for LDN proj”

27 September, 2017

Erin says:

“We need to be progressive in our thinking. a green bin program is a MUST and should have been implemented a long time ago. need to look to other Canadian cities who divert their waste really well. The City of Edmonton has their wast to biofuels program that diverts over 50% of their waste from landfills. Recycling containers need to be more readily available in public spaces (ALL parks). households should only be allowed one bag at curb side and anything more you have to pay for”

13 September, 2017

Sarah says:

“There is an immediate need for a composting program in London. Almost all major cities, as well as many smaller communities in Canada have addressed this major problem, yet London is extremely behind. Sending organic waste to the landfill in plastic garbage bags is such a crazy concept when it could be composted into nutrient-rich soil for farming, urban gardens, or processed into fertilizer or fuel at OrgaWorld (right in London!). ”

16 August, 2017

Niles says:

“Strategy has to be created to avoid waste from Textile, food, and electronic. A cereal is in a plastic bag inside a box; why not use only one of them. Waste producing Businesses should take more responsibility such as paying Recycling fee without charging consumers. Encourage more recycling opportunities at groceries and other stores this means less blue box collections. Bio-Waste should be curb-collected unlimited in paper bag in a containers. Burn what is burnable to heat & electricity.”

19 July, 2017

amille says:

“Check out what Hamilton is doing - less waste, more options and a easier to follow schedule. Only 1 garbage bag a week is permitted, but unlimited organic and recycling is permitted. The schedule for pick up is same day. Organic waste is turned into soil for use at city parks. I never had trouble sticking to 1 bag of garbage and they give out exception for households with young families (diaper waste). ”

5 July, 2017

Nick Piovesan says:

“UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. 12.3 By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses 12.5 By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse The world, London ON included, must better manage food and food waste. There's no 'maybe', we have to do this. ”

19 June, 2017

Angela says:

“Check out what other cities are doing - for example: Niagara Falls waste management offers Garbage, Recycling, Organics and Composting containers which helps waste management at home. Charlottetown, PEI offers curbside & establishment Garbage, Recycling and Compost disposal units. Change the garbage disposal units at the malls to include compost & offer volunteer program for high school students to help educate people across the City on how to use them. ”

9 June, 2017

Sarah says:

“Provide incentives for businesses to reduce packaging on products that they sell (or possibly taxes/fees for over-packaging). Recycling is good, but reduction is better! Shouldn't Tim Horton's be paying something for all the waste that they produce? Shouldn't they take responsibility for the litter they create? Same for other fast food, and "one-time use" products. ”

25 May, 2017

Matt says:

“City of London should do two things; first encourage people to clean up streets. When encouraging people to clean up the streets the City of London can first, do what city of Corner Brook Nfld. did and offer five cents for every Tim Horton’s Coffee cup brought into any recycling facility and second offer a nickel per pop can brought into any recycling facility. Second, the City of London could put more recycling containers throughout the city. ”

24 May, 2017

William Felker says:

“Being a resident of the immediate area anyone that is signed on with the city for right of first refusal should be upgraded to include property value protection to stop land devalue due to proximity of W12 negative impact.This should be done when approval for this program is given.”

21 May, 2017



20 May, 2017

Bill says:

“Need to include core area businesses & other commercial properties in collection of recyclables. ”

19 May, 2017

Gabe says:

“1. Curbside Composting is very important 2. Textile recycling 3. Greater availability of public recycling /composting ”

19 May, 2017

Vicki says:

“We need to expand the recycling programs and give individual options: Curbside composting Community composting Expanded technology recycling program Textile recycling (see Markham) More recycling in public places”