In City Council’s Strategic Plan, Strengthening Our Community was identified as one of four areas of focus. Within this area of focus, vibrant, connected and engaged neighbourhoods was identified as an outcome. To achieve that outcome, Council directed staff to “support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making.”

In the summer of 2016, City staff engaged the community and over 4,200 Londoners shared their ideas on how to support neighbourhood driven activities and decision making. The results of this engagement were then shared with a team of resident leaders, who developed a set of draft strategies and actions that will guide the work of City staff and the community.

Live Stream: Good Neighbourhoods Talk

Good Neighbourhood Talks 2019 Video

This live stream video will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday March 6, 2019.

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Watch to hear the keynote address by Maxim Bragoli and Carlo Primiani, city-engagers from Montreal.

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2019 Action Priorities
Chosen by the live survey responses from London community members

Engagement in Neighbourhoods

  • Hold regular forum for neighbourhood associations to share information, develop strategies, support ideas, and share contact information. This should be resident-led and independent of City involvement.


  • Provide training/support to City Staff and Councillors on how to more effectively engage with neighbourhood associations around community issues.
  • Explore the development of a web application that residents can subscribe to receive “city” information that impact their neighbourhood.
  • Explore consistently including of neighbourhood associations in the notification process for items such as zoning applications/variances that impact work being done in the association’s geographical area of interest.

Tools and Resources to Support Neighbourhoods

  • Make it easier to find the person with the answers when contacting the City of London.
  • Explore neighbourhood locations to secure small office or storage space where neighbourhood associations can meet and/or store physical assets, for example: Neighbourhood Resource Centres, Libraries, etc.
  • Educate neighbourhood leaders about the various external (non-City) funding opportunities.
  • Seek input and develop new tools based on neighbourhood/resident ideas, such as:
    • How-to-Guides (ex: how to create a farmer’s market)
    • Idea-generation- a place that residents can share ideas, events and activities (what worked, what didn’t, tips, etc)
    • Centralized access to communications- MailChimp, Facebook, creation of websites
    • Online chat for neighbourhood associations

Overarching Strategies

  • Develop tools to connect neighbourhood groups with communities of interest (i.e. music, art, crafters).

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