Did you know?
  • The City of London is responsible for managing the delivery of community and affordable housing.
  • The term “social housing” has been changed to “community housing”.
  • The City of London works with 83 non-profit corporations, non-profit housing cooperatives, and private market housing providers to offer 4,700 housing units to support community housing needs.
  • The London Middlesex Housing Corporation manages an additional 3,300 housing units across 32 properties for more than 5,000 people.
  • The City of London is required to first offer housing to those with Special Priority Program status.
  • The Government of Ontario provides an overview of Affordable and Social (Community) Housing on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing webpage.
  • The Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation (CHMC) provides London-specific housing and rental market data, which is publicly available. This data is located within the Housing Market Information Portal on CMHC’s website.
In London…
  • 8,000 community housing units are supported by the City of London across 118 buildings managed by 84 housing providers.
  • 477 individuals were housed in a community housing unit in 2018. Of those housed, 89% had priority status.
  • $36 million in funding from federal, provincial, and municipal sources was administered by the City in 2018 towards housing programs.
  • 39 community housing units per 1,000 households exist in London. This is behind the provincial average of 42 community housing units per 1,000 households. This is the result of the population steadily increasing while the stock of community housing units remains constant.
  • Community (Social) Housing: Community housing is rent-geared-to-income housing where the rent is based directly on the tenant’s income.
  • London Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC): LMHC is an independent corporate entity, with the City of London as the sole shareholder.
  • Special Priority Program: Individuals with Special Priority Program status are individuals escaping a situation of domestic abuse and/or human trafficking.
  • Public Housing: Public housing is part of the Community (Social) Housing program and was transferred from the federal government to the province, and from the province to local governments by means of the Service Manager as sole shareholder. In London, this is referred to London Middlesex Housing Corporation.

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