Did you know?
  • Housing First programs provide intensive in-home support for individuals experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness.
  • Individuals on London’s By-Name List have completed an assessment and have been prioritized to participate in a Housing First program.
  • Most individuals and families experiencing homelessness do not require the intensive in-home supports provided by Housing First programs.
  • Rehousing is expected to occur as individuals transition from homelessness to housing stability.
In London…
  • 6 Housing First programs assist individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness to secure and maintain housing.
  • 500 individuals are on London’s By-Name List.
  • 400 participants are supported each year through a Housing First response.
  • 1:10 is a typical Housing First caseload size (1 Housing Stability Worker, 10 participants).
  • Chronic Homelessness: Chronic homelessness is defined as a period of homelessness lasting six months or more in the past year.(3)
  • Housing First: Housing First means access to permanent housing with supports.
  • Vulnerability Index Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT): VI-SPDAT is an assessment tool used to determine acuity and prioritization when providing assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness.(4)
  • The By-Name List: A list of individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and high use of emergency shelter.

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