Did you know?
  • Emergency shelters provide short-term emergency accommodation and basic needs for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
  • In London there are:
    • 3 adult emergency shelters;
    • 3 Violence Against Women (VAW) shelters; and,
    • 1 family emergency shelter.
  • An emergency shelter for youth will open in London in 2020.
  • Individuals residing in emergency shelters are experiencing absolute homelessness.
  • Emergency shelters focus on diversion and rapid rehousing from shelter.
  • Reducing the number of individuals who are long-term emergency shelter users increases the availability of emergency shelter beds for those entering homelessness.
In London…
  • 320 emergency shelter beds are available each night in adult and family emergency shelters.
  • 75 emergency shelter beds are available each night in VAW shelters.
  • 43% of individuals accessing adult and family emergency shelters in 2017 stayed for 31 days or more.(1)
  • 739 fewer individuals accessed adult and family emergency shelter in 2017 compared to 2011, representing a 26% decrease.(2)
  • $1,500 is the average monthly cost for an individual to stay in emergency shelter, not including the VAW shelters.
  • $6.2 million is the cost to operate the 320 emergency shelter beds each year. This does not include VAW shelters.
  • Absolute homelessness: Individuals and families experiencing absolute homelessness have no physical shelter of their own.
  • Diversion: Individuals and families are supported to find immediate housing arrangements before entering emergency shelter.
  • Rapid rehousing: Individuals and families are helped to secure housing as quickly as possible once they have entered emergency shelter.

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