Did you know?

  • There is an increase of individuals who are street involved and demonstrating unpredictable, disruptive behaviour in London.
  • The change is a result of the:
    • type of drugs and substances being used;
    • increased risks from substance use, untreated mental illness, and homelessness;
    • pressures on the supports and treatment options; and,
    • housing available.
  • London has implemented a Coordinated Informed Response. The Coordinated Informed Response is:
    • a caring and compassionate response;
    • aimed at supporting individuals who are street-involved, sleeping rough, and urban camping in finding safe alternative solutions focused on housing; and,
    • a collaborative response that includes City of London services and London Cares.
  • London Cares outreach is available 24/7 to respond to individuals experiencing homelessness who are street-involved.
In London…

During the 12 week Coordinated Informed Response pilot:

  • 196 instances of sleeping rough were addressed.
  • 94 urban camps were removed.
  • 93 individuals were provided with housing search support.
  • 94% of individuals reported living with an addiction.
  • 92% of individuals reported living with a mental health issue.
  • Urban Camping: Urban camping is when an individual is sleeping in a makeshift, temporary physical structure set up in an urban environment or park.
  • Sleeping Rough: Sleeping rough is when an individual is sleeping in the open without a physical structure, such as a park bench or stairwell.

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