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Speaking Up & Advocacy

1. Encourage Londoners to speak up through an awareness campaign, modelled after Edmonton’s #MakeItAwkward.

2. Pledge to be an Ally and stand up for those experiencing barriers and discrimination.

3. Centre marginalized voices through storytelling, lived experience and spoken word.

4. Advocate for greater accountability in the community.

5. Use local media and community figures to promote inclusive messages.

Tackling Stigma Through Education

6. Educate oneself about personal and community biases, acknowledge privilege, learn a common language around bias, and make an effort to get involved in the community.

7. Build cultural awareness among children and youth through schools, community groups, mentorship, community champions, parent councils, and community engagement activities.

8. Bring organizations together around common goals of inclusion.

9. Create and promote a community database of educational opportunities.

10. Develop a fund to address gaps.

Relationship Building & Social Location

11. Promote more cultural exchange through shared experiences, events, festivals and activities.

12. Encourage knowledge exchange and storytelling, including opportunities to learn about unique lived histories.

13. Connect with community associations to facilitate neighbourhood connections.

14. Create strategies for different social location, recognizing the different needs and priorities of specific groups.

Creating Opportunities

15. Create an online hub to distribute information about diverse events.

16. Use food to connect people with different backgrounds.

17. Identify champions from different communities.