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38. Ensure information and communications are available to people when they need it, where they need it, and how they need it.

39. Ensure diversity in decision makers and policy makers.

40. Implement a social media campaign to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion through creative an innovative engagement methods.

41. Establish a policy on accountability for engagement within the community.

42. Invest in multicultural engagement opportunities.

Education & Awareness

43. Deliver cultural training and educational opportunities in the community.

44. Support cultural events happening in the community.

45. Make resources related to anti-oppression work more readily available on the City’s website.

46. Create educational resources to tackle oppression.

47. Use Spectrum to engage in diverse programs.

48. Ensure the use of person-first language.


49. Examine policies and funding programs with a lens for diversity.

50. Work with other levels of government to integrate diversity and inclusion into education systems.

51. Expand internship, co-op, apprenticeship and mentorship opportunities.

52. Establish a community youth engagement strategy.

53. Ensure all employees earn a living wage.


54. Promote opportunities to participate in leadership and decision-making to a broader diversity of Londoners.

55. Identify barriers experienced by individuals seeking to engage in politics, including by serving on advisory committees and boards.

56. Ensure the perspectives of marginalized groups are engaged throughout the policy making process, including evaluation and implementation.

57. Continue to focus on key issues such as poverty, housing, social services, emergency services, health, transportation, infrastructure and recreation.