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Accessibility & Environment

18. Promote equity in businesses, non-profit, public and labour organizations.

19. Establish, maintain and strengthen employee committees to promote equity within organizations.

20. Lobby for government mandated equity and accessibility practices.

21. Shift from ‘incident-based’ to more proactive equity practices.

22. Recognize and celebrate organizations which undertake anti-oppression, diversity and inclusion training.

23. Engage organizations in leading town halls to learn about different cultures.

24. Provide forums for sharing events and activities related to diversity and inclusion.

Hiring Practices

25. Develop metrics for assessing diversity and inclusion in application, interview and hiring processes.

26. Educate recruiters to create awareness in issues of diversity and inclusion.

27. Educate entire organizations about diversity and inclusion.

28. Include accommodations in job advertisements.

29. Create regular opportunities to review diversity and inclusion practices.

Leadership & Governance

30. Institute a mentorship program to match leaders with diverse mentees seeking future leadership opportunities.

31. Implement a policy to measure changes and improvement in the diversity and inclusion of the workforce and leadership, and report on these changes annually.

32. Create a working group to identify actions, processes and communications to promote an inclusive workplace culture.

33. Recruit Board members who reflect diversity.

Building Relationships

34. Establish long-range plans to grow diversity activities, including grants and recognition programs.

35. Establish diversity recognition awards.

36. Create a community connector program to build relationships and promote learning and exchange across sectors.

37. Engage organizations to champion diversity and inclusion more broadly.